Police arrest 39 suspected criminals

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

In yet another series of crackdown on suspected criminals, personnel of the Anti-Crime Unit (ACU) of The Gambia Police Force (GPF) headed by Chief Spt. Gorgie Mboob, have recently arrested 39 suspected criminals, as their routine patrol of Kanifing Municipality intensifies.

The suspected criminals are currently being detained at the Kairaba Police Station, as they undergo proper screening process.

Out of the 39 arrested; 7 are Senegalese national and these arrestees are being held on a range of offences including robbery, stealing and breaking among host of other crimes.

Two butchers namely: Alasan Baldeh and Juma Jallow, who were believed to be notorious thief especially on small ruminants in the communities of Youna, Old Yundum, Tanjeh and Bakary Sambuya respectively, were also arrested by the personnel of the Anti-Crime Unit alongside with one Haruna Bah, a taxi driver.

The two butchers, who sell meat at Manjai Kunda and Latrikunda markets respectively, have confessed to the ACU personnel of stealing 6 sheep and a goat.

Deputy Police spokesperson, ASP Foday Conta, at a press briefing at the Kairaba Police Station, disclosed that crime and its related issues have drastically reduced since the establishment of this unit by The Gambia Police Force.

“The police felt it necessary to establish the ACU so that it can serve as a deterrent and to complement the efforts of the police in preventing crimes. The unit has been embarking on routine patrols both day and night. Therefore, as a result of their commitment, many suspects have been arrested, screened, profiled and the due process of the laws follow.”

ASP Conta explained that records have indicated that crimes in the country especially in Kanifing Municipality, where the unit is based, have drastically fall.

“The Office of the IGP felt it is necessary to capacitate the unit so that they can help the entire country in combating crimes and in making sure that crime drops drastically in the country.”

The police deputy spokesman noted that because of the capacity of the ACU, they are seen within the Kanifing Municipality. However, their jurisdiction, he said, is nationwide and very soon the unit will be expanded and they will be operating within the regions.

For his part, Chief Spt. Gorgie Mboob, commander of the ACU, said some of the suspects, who are currently under their custody are notorious thieves.

He told journalists that some child offenders are also among the 39 suspects arrested, further describing them as one of the most dangerous criminals in the country.

“Some of these minor criminals are arrested around the Tippa Garage. In fact, one of them was arrested at the time he snatched a woman’s mobile phone and attempted to run where he eventually met with the ACU patrol team, who later arrested him.” 

Chief Spt. Mboob recalled that during their previous operations, some underage criminals were arrested for stealing seven and half millions dalasis, saying those minors are currently going to court.

Most of the suspects arrested, he went on, had previous criminal record. “Interestingly, one Kebba Manneh, who was serving a three years jail term at the Mile II Central Prison and released three days back, is also arrested in connection with stealing.”   

Author: Momodou Jawo