Police arrest 10 suspected criminals

Friday, June 29, 2018

As the crackdown on criminals continues, personnel of the Police Anti Crime Unit (ACU) recently arrested 10 suspected criminals within the Greater Banjul Area (GBA).

The suspects were arrested in connection with various crimes; ranging from breaking and receiving stolen items amongst others. They are currently being detained at the Kairaba Police Station, as investigation into the matter continues. The police were also able to recover various items ranging from TV, mobiles phones, and a pistol.

Saikou Mballow, Bubacarr Camara and Alasana Manga were all arrested on Saturday in connection with breaking, while seven other accused persons were arrested in connection with receiving stolen items.

The three suspects have confessed that they were operating in different areas such as; Sukuta, Nema Kunku, Jabang and Salagi.

The deputy police spokesperson, ASP Foday Conta, said since the inception of the unit, a quite number of suspected criminals have been arrested. “The unit is created with the objective of curbing crime related issues. We can assure the general public that the country is safe and where ever criminal activities take place, the police will make sure that the perpetrators are arrested and face the law.”

The suspects have confessed to the ACU that they did some breakings and were leading the police in recovering some of the items. “We did not just stop there; we make sure that we arrest the receivers. We realised that if the receivers do not exist breaking will stop.”

The head of the ACU, Gorgie Mboob, said the suspects were arrested on Saturday and they led the police to receivers; some of who were equally arrested on Wednesday. The suspects, he said, started their operations in Banjul where they broke into 13 different shops before they move to Kombos.

“In Kombo they confessed breaking into 10 residences. However, they could not identify other places for the fact that they did their operations during nights. They have been charged and will be appearing in court as soon as possible.”

Author: Momodou Jawo