Plymouth Banjul Challenge donates D50, 000 to Joint Hands 2 Save a Child

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Plymouth Banjul Challenge, a non-profitable organisation that assist community development projects, last Thursday donated D50, 000 to Joint Hands 2 Save a Child for the completion of a newly constructed theater at the Brikama district hospital.

The aim objective of the project is to help improve maternity in The Gambia and at the Brikama district hospital in particular.

Amie Jarjue, founder and CEO of Joint hands 2 Save a Baby said the idea of building a theater at the Brikama district hospital, follow when one of her relatives delivered at the hospital and faced some challenges that she felt were issues that  needed to be addressed.

She said her organisation was established in 2013 and the project started in 2018, adding that the project is a 2.8 million dalasi project and about 1 million dalasi has already been spent.

Officer in charge of the Brikama district hospital Lamin Sanyang described the project as timely, saying it would help to save lives and reduce the rate of infection, particularly on newly born babies.

He pointed out some of the problems that the hospital is facing such as lack of sufficient electricity supply and insufficient fuel supply. “The hospital needs uninterrupted electricity supply for emergency issues,” he emphasised.

George Gomez of Plymouth Banjul challenge said Brikama is one of the most populated areas in the country, saying the facility should be upgraded to a standard hospital for the benefit of the inhabitants in the region. “There are lots of businessmen in this region. If each can contribute at least D20, 000, the hospital can be upgraded to a standard health facility,” he emphasized.

Author: Fatou Bojang