Pirang citizens in USA donate D142,000 to upgrade community’s water tank

Monday, August 19, 2019

Pirang Kafo USA, a community development oriented association formed by savvy natives of Pirang living in the United States of America, Sunday donated 1, 340 dollars (67, 000 dalasis) to the community of Pirang to fix the inverter at the community water tax.

Nfansu M Touray, a member of the Kafo who handed the money to the community’s development committee also made a person contribution of 1, 500 dollars (D75, 000) from a fundraising he conducted at Masjid Kuba in Tyler, Texas. This totaled to an amount of 142, 000 dalasi.

The Pirang Kafo USA targets to promote the welfare of its members and by extension partake in community development initiatives both in the United States and back home in Pirang.

The Kafo’s representative Nfansu M Touray said the money was specially meant to fix the broken inverter at the community’s water tank.

He said what the members of the Kafo need from the community is their prayers, saying they decided to make a contribution after receiving information from the VDC requesting for support. “This is our responsibility as citizens of the community. Politics is a game but Pirang is ourselves. So we must come together and develop the community”

Village Development Committee chairman Baba Bojang thanked the Kafo for the support, assuring them that the money will be put in the right direction. “There is damage on the machine at the water tank and that was affecting the community’s effective access to water. It has also increased the debt burden on the community up to about 130, 000 dalasis.”

Alkalo of main Pirang, Morro Sama Bojang said the entire community appreciates the gesture, assuring that it will be spent in the right way hence it is transparently handed to the VDC.

Representative of the Alkalo of Pirang Berending, Nyakassi Touray said the gesture is a blessing for the community and those who provided it, praying that such gesture continue to come for the advance development of Pirang.

Pirang ward councilor, Lamin Dibba thanked the Pirang diasporans for the gesture, urging them to continue doing more for the community’s development.

He also appealed to other citizens of the community abroad to take similar initiatives and together they can develop the community. “I am also appealing to those who are not part of the Kafo to tray and join and we all participate in the development together.”