Penny Appeal Gambia sensitizes over 300 Orphans on HIV/AID prevention

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Penny Appeal Gambia; a United Kingdom humanitarian charitable organization and the National AIDS Secretariat (NAS) last Tuesday conveyed a day long HIV/AIDS sensitisation awareness and prevention for over three hundred orphans, held at the Penny Appeal main office in Kotu.

NAS deputy director, Penny Appeal head of operation, foster mothers and staff of Penny Appeal attended the sensitisation.

Penny Appeal center manager Kebba Cham said the purpose was to sensitise the Orphans on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, saying that cannot be done without involving NAS, which is the authority, mandated to sensitize and facilitate processes regarding the virus in society.

He said NAS has conducted nationwide awareness campaigns talk to the masses about the dangers associated with HIV/AIDS and its prevention and causes.

Alpha Khan, deputy director of NAS thanked Penny Appeal for the collaboration to give the right information to the Orphans on what HIV/AIDS is about. He said it is important at this age that Orphans understand how the virus is transmitted. He said the sensitisation serves as a platform to share knowledge on HIV/AIDS and it associated viruses. He also encouraged the children to be listening to health experts and to ask questions to clear their doubts.

Lamin Jobe, Penny Appeal head of operation said the gathering was an information sharing one on HIV/AIDS and by extension, everyone needs to know the dangers, causes and prevention of HIV/AIDS. He said Penny Appeal is operating in more than thirty countries and Gambia is overseeing nine countries.

Mr. Jobe disclosed that Penny Appeal was registered in 2009 in the UK and focuses on many thematic areas including health. He also said they have brought numerous intervention projects in the country, ranging from the provision of local wells to communities to construction of Mosques, supporting widows and building Orphan centres. 

Author: Fatou B Cham