Peace is what we cherish

Monday, May 07, 2018

Mr. President, the Mayoral and Chairperson Elections are slated for May 12, 2018, and all necessary arrangements particularly security should be in place for the success of the election and for it to end in peace. We also pray voters will come in large numbers to exercise their rights. Elections come and go we therefore should not be divided by politics.

Mr. President, Ebrima Garba Cham, the secretary general of the National Trade Union on Workers Day May 1, urged government to consider salary, pension and transport increment for workers. We have received complaints in the health sector and some government institutions that their workers did not receive yet the D1000 monthly transport allowances, and we believe that the Ministry of Finance should address the issue.

Mr. President, Ramadan is around the corner, according to the calendars, it is May 15, if the moon is sighted or May 16. Usually in the month of Ramadan, businessmen increase the price of basic commodities, which is not appropriate in Islam. The Ministry of Trade should therefore monitor the situation and take serious action. We should fear God especially during the holy month of Ramadan; we should always help the needy, forgive and forget what has been done wrong to us.

Mr. President, NAWEC should improve their services in the holy month to allow people to stock their meat and fish because your government has reduced the price of flower and recommended the loaf of bread to be reduced from D7 to D6 but most of shopkeepers are still selling them at D7.

Finally, Mr. President, the security personnel should be more vigilant, there are cases few days ago of armed robbery in Birkama and Farafenni; twice in a broad day light, attacking the bank, Teachers’ Credit  Union and petrol station and they escaped with substantial sum of money. Government should assist security personnel with motor bikes, bicycles and vehicles. They should be motivated and armed because the armed robbers are always armed and have tear gasses. Special numbers should be introduced for people to call and inform the police about any crime committed to boost our community policing.