Peace Ambassadors int’l Youth Summer Schooling underway in Dakar

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Peace Ambassadors of The Gambia are currently holding their annual international summer schooling in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, commencing last Friday.

President of the Peace Ambassadors, Babucar Sambou, explained that the International Youth Summer Schooling started in 2004 and was organised at the Gambia College. He said the schooling will go a long way in helping participants to gather new knowledge. “We tasked ourselves to be peace educators and an advocacy organisation that would be building our country in structuring peace in the minds of people working through communities and other organisations to build societies that will be free from all forms of violence and societies where people will love one another,” he said.

Mr. Sambou said they cannot only train people and call them peace advocates, but they also need to create platforms where people of diverse backgrounds can come together and discuss issues and problems affecting peace in Africa and issues affecting their relationship as humans.

He added that they used to call the event as International Youth Summer camp but because a camp is different from a school, they decided to change it, saying school is where one can go and learn and they don’t want to call young people only to camp but to educate them. “In the first edition, we received participants from Guinea, Senegal and Mauritania and is always successful and educative. “When young people are gathered, we try to bring peaceful coexistence between them in diverse backgrounds,” he stated.

Executive secretary of Peace Ambassadors, Yankuba Manjang, said they used to target 75 participants from The Gambia but now more than one 150 participants are attending the schooling in Senegal.

He explained that there would be competitions in debate, cultural activities, Ms. and Master, adding that the most active participant would be granted free ticket to attend the next schooling.

Mr. Manjang assured participants that all the necessary things they need would be available to them, saying the team will be returning to The Gambia on 12th of August 2018. 

Author: Pa Modou Cham