PDOIS URR Women, Youth wings hold congress

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) Upper River Region (URR) women and youth wings, over the weekend held their congresses in region’s administrative capital, Basse.

Held on the theme: A New Gambian for a New Gambia. Congress delegates came from the party’s bureaus from all regions of the country.

“We have not called you hear to focus on us. We called you here to focus on yourselves,” the party’s secretary general Halifa Sallah told delegates at the opening of the congress.

He told delegates that if they want a New Gambia, they must be new Gambians, saying PDOIS is here to make Gambia a new country. He encouraged Gambians to leave the governance of the country in competent hands, adding that those who are fit to take the lead should rise up to the task.

Mr. Sallah highlighted that the party does not base its success on the amount of seats it secure in the National Assembly or inhabiting the state house, but to see Gambian people liberated and freed from tyranny and poverty that’s the reason for the party’s establishment. ‘‘We can see poverty and people begging. We decided that we will do everything to change the conditions of our people and give them liberty, integrity and prosperity,’’ he said.

The PDOIS secretary general said if every party bring liberty, dignity and prosperity, he will disappear from the political scene and give whatever contribution is needed to other parties.

Other party leaders such as Amie Sillah and Sedia Jatta both challenged the women and youth of URR to make national responsibilities theirs’ so that they can lead the party once the current leaders step down.

Author: Emmanuel Adomako