PDOIS, NCP hold Congress

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) and the National Convention Party (NCP) over the weekend held their respective party congresses in which they elected their leaders.

PDOIS held its congress in Njainsanjal, while NCP held theirs at Buffer Zone, Tallinding.

All candidates for PDOID, however, went unopposed, with Halifa Sallah maintaining his position as secretary general and Sidia Jatta as his deputy.

Speaking at the congress, the leader of PDOIS, Halifa Sallah, said his aim at the time of the formation of the PDOIS was to liberate the African continent and that is what he continues to propagate in the country.

The Serekunda born politician said: “To liberate people is not an easy task; it requires time, sacrifice and even death. But despite that as a party, we still continue with our struggle to salvage Gambian people in order for them to become sovereign citizens.”

Sidia Jatta, who chaired the congress said it would bring a new beginning for the party and that those who are to steer the affairs of the party should be ready to spread the message to every village, hamlet and every constituency in the country.

Meanwhile, Yaya Sanyang has elected as leader of the National Convention Party (NCP) in oppose to the initial congress spearheaded by Majanko Samusa.

“I am ready to work for this party, because I come from a rural background and I have seen how my people were unjustly treated over the past years. I have concluded that what we need is the politics of justice and fair play and I am here for that,” Mr. Sanyang told delegates at the Friendship Hostel Saturday.

Leader and Secretary general- Yaya Sanyang, deputy leader-Fatou Bangura, national chairman-Badara Sidibeh, national mobiliser-Kantong Gassama, senior administrative secretary-Karamo Kinteh, PRO-Buba Jadama, youth president-Yaya Barrow, women mobiliser-Mariama Jammeh, women PRO-Nyaranding Samateh, secretary general for women wing-Neneh Faal, Cashier-Lang Sally Jaiteh, auditor-Yaya Nyangado.

The Source Standard.