Pastors’ intercessory fellowship holds forum on the role of religion, National security

Friday, February 02, 2018

Pastors Intercessory Fellowship International The Gambia recently concluded a two-day forum on the role of religion and national security which can help in the facilitation of meaningful development, negotiation and peace in The Gambia.

The fellowship has earlier hosted their first forum with religious leaders and security agencies on networking, cooperate and sharing of useful information to enhance relationship between people and to assist security operations in maintaining peace, stability and development.

Speaking at the forum held at the Girl’s Guild Hall in Kanifing, Bishop Professor Augustyn Bernards, chairman of Pastors Intercessory Fellowship International said the forum on the role of religion and national security on conflict resolution, peace mediation, reconciliation and entrenchment of sustainable peace in The Gambia became convenient and urgent in the face of the current incidence of religious and political unpredictability in the country which is threatening national security of many nations.

He said it is no wonder that there are different languages, cultures, tribes and different people but the need to network with security operatives to raise awareness through religious leaders is a step to preserve national security.

Bishop Augustyn further stated that there is need for security services to collaborate with religious leaders to monitor, maintain, update and alert agencies of any malicious activities, mischievous intentions and rebellion against leaders.

Hamat Bah, Gambia’s minister of Tourism and Culture said the Pastors Fellowship was instrumental in ensuring that political peace prevailed in the country. “The Pastors made fruitful and meaningful efforts and made peace negotiation during the political impasse. 

He emphasised Gambia government’s commitment to ensure maintenance of peace, saying the forum will encourage more peace, security and stability in the country.

Bishop Egilah Dennis, a member of the fellowship also said religious leaders should be involved in peace building as they play pivotal role in maintaining peace and tranquility in a nation.

Omar J. Jallow, minister of Agriculture and Halifa Sallah, a national assembly member both emphasised the importance of religious leaders in peace building, especially during the political impasse in the country.

Author: Adam Jobe Jallow