Pastors Fellowship holds 15th Thanksgiving Service for Gambians

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Pastors Fellowship Sunday hold their 15th thanksgiving service for Gambians, where they prayed for the country’s leaders and the well-being of Gambians to continue living in peace as a nation. The thanksgiving service was held at the Pastors Intercessory Fellowship hall at Pipeline

 Chairman of Pastors Intercessory Fellowship, Bishop AD Bernard said, national peace has its own significance in world affairs and every living creature deserves, desires and prays for peace and God’s protection through his instructions.

He also said Gambia is strategically and peacefully located within the restive West African sub-continent and has the world’s irreversible historical honour, peace, harmony and togetherness that cannot be broken or forgotten by the grace of God.

Bishop Bernard said the thanksgiving is a great season of appreciation with wonderful acknowledgement of the grace of God and the favour in ‘our’ lives and of the nation. “It is being grateful as we are all indebted and obligate to appreciate the Almighty God for our protection deliverance from evil, healing from sickness and diseases. As celebrate God’s kindness and magnificent blessings today, we must remember to continue to do so throughout of our lives.”

Prophet Dr. Desmond Conteh from Ministering said, the thanksgiving service is a regional message from the Ministering, saying the way to stop corruption is to pray to God.

Dr. Conteh also said that every Church in a country deserves to have good government and the thanksgiving service is conducted all over the country. “We should all pray for The Gambia to have strong economy and the reason why we pray is for God to give resonation between him and his creature.”

Author: Sanna Jallow