Papa Njie withdraws candidacy from UDP

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Momodou Musa Njie alias Papa Njie has withdrawn from contesting under the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) ticket.

He is now running for Mayoral Election in Kanifing Municipal Council as an independent candidate, he declared at a press conference on Friday at his political office in Bakau.

Speaking at the press conference Mr. Njie claimed to have made lots of consultations before making the decision.

“I have been consulting with my dear family and friends, and have gone length and breadth of this important municipality and spoken to its residents, (often to those that are in need of support but whose voices were never heard). I have spoken to the youths, to our dear mothers and fathers,” he said.

“Today, I hereby announce that I have listened and have come to the decision to contest these elections as a candidate for the people and not under any political party. I will contest as an independent candidate”, he said. “I have written to the United Democratic Party to which I am a member to inform them of my decision to withdraw my candidacy under their banner”.

Asked why he decided to withdraw his candidacy from the party, he publicly claimed not to leave even if not selected in the primaries during an interview with a local radio. Papa claimed to have smelt a foul play in the selection process.

“The selection process of the UDP for the primaries was not transparent. They did not reform my conditions and the delegate selection was not favourable,” he said. “Let me give you an example, two football teams are about to play a big final and then you show the referee talking to the other team. What does that tell you?”

“My dear brothers and sisters, let us not continue this bitter division and turn a course that will benefit this country in the future. Gambia is dear to us all and failed politics have been tried again and again and it has failed. Together we are confident of change, confident for victory” he concluded.

UDP’s regional chairman Ebrima Nyang alias “Ounda” has confirmed receiving Papa Njie’s withdrawal letter to this medium.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko