Pa Sallah Jeng withdraws from Banjul Mayoral race

Monday, March 05, 2018

A one-time mayor of Banjul has announced his is withdrawing from the city’s mayoral race.

Some 18 months ago, Pa Sallah Jeng said he was not going to contest in the mayoral election but six months later, he was demanded by well-wishers that he was the only one they believed could help improve the deplorable conditions of Banjul. “As token of appreciation to their trust and confidence in me, I changed my position to accommodate their demands.”

Mr. Jagne said after his arrival in Banjul in September, he came to realise that there is a stipulation in the Election Act that a candidate should hold residency of one year in the country.

He said the IEC inculcates the requirement of the Biometric voter’s card, saying all over the world, a voter’s is valid once a voter registered, saying there is no indication of expiration on the old voters’ cards that were issued prior leaving the country.

Jeng stated that everybody know that Gambians have suffered for 22 years under dictatorship and many bad laws were enshrined in the country’s books; many good citizens fled for good reasons but it is sad that some of those laws are still lingering in the books, saying it is an “old wine in a new bottle.”

According to Mr. Jeng, there has to be consistency in the system. “I have been hearing many contradictions particularly the one that  says a selected candidate for mayoral post  is registered as voter at a different jurisdiction; that the residency issue was waved during the parliamentary elections and that there is an elected member of parliament without voter’s card.” 

Author: Momodou Jawo
Source: Picture: Pa Sallah Jeng