Over 60 Faala residents served with eviction order

Thursday, January 03, 2019

There is growing anxiety among over 60 residents of Faala, a small community situated at the outskirts of Sanyang village, Kombo South following the issuance of eviction order by the Sheriff’s Office.

The affected households now fear losing their homes once the eviction order is implemented.

The eviction letter from the Office of the Sheriff dated 13th December 2018 sent to more than five affected compound owners requesting for immediate eviction on or before Monday the 14 January 2019, revealed that one Bai Bojang of Sanyang village is the rightful owner of the controversial land in Faala, where more than sixty inhabitants and more than 10 compounds are currently settling on.

Speaking to The Point, David Gomez, the alkalo of Faala said the eviction order was served to the affected households before Christmas, indicating a notice order from the Sheriff of The Gambia to immediately vacate the area before 14 January 2019.

Gomez maintained that the land which is currently a legal case between Bai Bojang and Vincent Mendy cannot affect the whole five compounds and over 60 residents to be evacuated just like that.

“I do not know how a legal case between two persons affects almost the entire community? The letter that was sent from the Sheriff’s Office only mentioned the legal case of the two individuals and not any other residents,” he said.

Dominic Mendy, a teacher and resident in one of the affected compounds, said he has seen no reason of leaving his compounds, saying he has been occupying the compound since the first republic.

“We are not moving anywhere, this is our place and we have been occupying this place with our families since the first government” he added.

Author: Yusupha Jobe