Over 40% of world pop faces severe water stress by 2050

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Over 40% of the world population will face severe water stress, according to World Water Council (WWC).

In a media dispatch sent to The Point, WWC described water as world’s most precious, and yet under-protected, resource, noting it will soon be a scarcity for the citizens of Cape Town, South Africa as “Day Zero” looms.

“Today their 4 million residents must reduce their water usage to just 50 liters per day, 7 times less than the average US citizen. Important variability in rainfall patterns have dried up 6 crucial dams that supply Cape Town with water. Without rain, by this April, “Day Zero” will become a reality and all taps will be turned off. Homes and businesses will need to adapt to rationing water provisions and to a life without running water.”

 The release indicated that by 2030 the world will face a 40% global water deficit under the business-as-usual climate scenario.

The World Water Council’s core mission is to promote at all political levels the availability of safe water for all and increase water security at large. The World Water Council is a platform for water experts from more than 50 countries to rally for action on water-related issues. Together, the global authority on water uses their expert voices to mobilize governments, institutions, associations and high-level decision-makers on critical water issues.

 Water vulnerability, exacerbated by climate variability and change, needs climate-smart solutions implemented worldwide. Sao Paulo, Brazil, endured a two-year drought, their worst in the last 80 years. The drought emphasized the unpredictability of water sources, and the challenges surrounding the increasing need for water security.