Over 3,500 seedlings planted in Kiang

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kiang Karantaba Youth Development Association Saturday embarked on tree planting for the first time at the Kiang Karantaba Forest Park.

Speaking at the tree planting exercise, the Alkalo of Kiang Karantaba, Alagie Balutah Kambi, said trees are extremely important and have always been necessary for improving human condition both during a tree’s life and after a tree’s harvest.

“We are striving to uplift the quality of our living environment through active planting, proper maintenance and preservation of trees,” he added.

He declared that trees contribute meaningfully to the environment by improving air quality and supporting wildlife.

Forest plays a key role in the complex global oxygen cycle, he added.

Omar Jarju, member of Village Development Community, emphasized that community forest is very important in a village as it would prevent a lot of disasters.

He further said that they want to increase the forest cover and attract more wildlife and increase wildlife habitat.

He asserted that protecting groundwater supplies and improving the quality of the natural environment has its own benefits to a village.

“Our target is to bring about noticeable improvement in our village greenery, to enhance existing greened areas, and to enhance opportunity of quality greening during the planting and development,” Jarju stressed.

A community member, Nyimanding Marong Habib, declared that trees are lives, adding that they the women of the village don’t buy fire wood as they fetch dry wood for cooking.

She emphasized that the forest plays a very vital role in a community, adding that it improves water quality in the streams and ponds.

There are many advantages in planting trees, including combating climate change, she said.

Fakeba Colley on his part commented that tree planting exercise by the youth of Kiang Karantaba was a noble cause.

He advised the villagers to desist from outright sale of their lands but to lease them and to avoid land disputes.

He also thanked the youth of Karantaba for their foresight in the development of their villages.



Author: Fatou Dem