Out-going Lamin Ward councillor hands over

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The out-going councillor for Lamin ward- Ebrima D.F. Jarju recently handed over ward materials to the in-coming councillor - Mbemba Tourary at a ceremony held at Lamin.

At the handing over ceremony, Ebrima D.F. Jarju acknowledged that as an out-going councillor he believes it is only proper to hand over the items that belong to the ward to his successor.

“So if you are going out even a pen you have to return it back to the ward and that is why it is important for people to come and witness this ceremony and also know who should replace me.”

Jarju said one has to face challenges to be a leader. He however, expressed with delight that the people of Lamin Ward were very cooperative with him during his term in office, noting that politics has not divided them.

 He called on people in his ward to put aside their political differences and work towards the development of the ward and country at large.

The incoming councillor- Mbemba Tourary, said it is not a surprise to him because he has worked with the out-going councillor for some time.

 “I therefore commended him and his team for their hard work and dedication during the past ten years.

Touray used the platform to highlight some of his plans for the ward, which includes health, agriculture, and youth empowerment, infrastructural development among others.

 “Since I am elected, I am ready to take any challenge as a leader and will continue to follow the footsteps of the former councillor so that we can also succeed.”