Our intelligence must not fail us

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Intelligence gathering, analysis and supply are the lifeblood to national security. It is one thing that keeps any nation safe or otherwise. It keeps dictators on top of their games, just as we had Jammeh successfully orchestrate his rule for over twenty years.

The quality of intelligence is the foundation of sound security policies. Are our policymakers getting disappointed with intelligence they are provided, hence they chose to ignore intelligence warnings?

The security and justice needs of this country must not be taken for granted. It will either make or break the New Gambia. The last time that SIS director had a press conference, he alluded to the agency’s new efforts at “tightening a security belt” around the country. Well, we are yet to see that manifest itself in terms of how secure we are.

One of President Barrow’s worst mistakes is to entrust the security of this nation into hands of those who ran it for Jammeh. It is something we might live to regret if the promised reforms are not implemented.

With several intelligence outlets at the disposal of the nation, the task of intelligence gathering, analysis and supply for policy actions must be treated with seriousness. Why would intelligence units of the Immigration, Civil Aviation, Police and State House all fail even when the SIS does?

Kanteh and his boys (State House) gather intelligence to advise the State House. What does the SIS do? How would the country’s ‘most wanted personalities flew into the country without the knowledge of the main intelligence body in the first place? Where they sleeping on their desks or do they chose to ignore the warnings?

We have gathered that some of the top security personnel continue to stay in touch with Jammeh even after he has gone. The same is maintained for Saul Badjie, who is currently hiding in God-knows-where.

If these men were bent on wrecking mayhem in the country, they would have succeeded by the time the intelligence and state security apparatus knew of their presence in town. How could you have missed this?

What is for sure is that it’s a security failure for not having these two men arrested on the spot. Had they had planned to launch an attack as previously speculated, they would have controlled the airport and begin their business.

We hope that this would be an eye opener for our intelligence, and we hope that circumstances surrounding their return to The Gambia will soon be known to the public.     

“Security is paramount to the peace, stability and development of the country.”
The Point