OSIWA visits motivate journalist undergoing investigative course

Friday, August 03, 2018

Officials of Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), on Tuesday paid a visit to their sponsored students at the UTG Kanifing campus. The sponsored students-25 Gambian journalists are currently undergoing a two-month intensive investigative journalism course at the School of Journalism and Digital Media, University of The Gambia.

The visit was meant to inspire these students and motivate them to take their course with utmost seriousness so as to equip them discharge their duties as professionals.

Open Society Initiative for West Africa, a civil society organization, was established in order to help in fund projects for countries in West Africa. 

Jagan Grey Johnson from OSIWA highlighted the important role of journalists in a democratisation process, saying he is delighted to see women being part of the training programme.

Mr. Johnson expressed appreciation to the students for taking their course with utmost seriousness, noting that it is an interesting course as people embraced new opportunities.

“Good opportunities are to happen, changes in the systems, laws and practice”.

He urged the investigative journalists to take up their responsibilities in order to bring forward the things underground and raise awareness in the society especially societal-ills.

“I understand that with all the trainings, still access to information is difficult. We need to have a conducive environment. All obstacles in the field can be prevented when laws concerning the accessibility of information are put forward in order to safeguard the work of investigative journalists in the country,” he stated.

A member of the Political Governance Association Fatou Sy described the project as a good initiative, pointing out that she will be pleased in seeing reports on hidden things happening in the country.

She challenged the students to keep up the momentum and to also continue to be aspiring investigative journalists.

For his part, Mr Tem Fuh Mbuh acknowledged that The Gambia is going under a transition process, which he said, is not easy, but a better transition.

“As Journalist, you are the vanguard of truth and therefore serves as a tool to hold government officials to be accountable and make best use of the training, gain knowledge and gain skills in order to serve your country,” he urged.

Author: Pa Modou Cham