Organisers release draw for Late Janneh tourney

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Organisers of the late Modou Janneh Memorial intermediate football tournament in Gunjur released the draw for the 2018-2019 tournament on Sunday at the Gunjur Health Centre.

Twenty-six teams are set to participate in this year’s late Modou Janneh memorial intermediate football competition and the teams are divided into eight group.

The groupings for the annual football tournament are as follows:

Group A                         Group B

1. Young Santos             1. Jujuba

2. Nyofelleh                    2. Young Blaness

3. Jabas                         3. Kajabang          

4. Njies                           4. New Town

Group C                          Group D

1. Green Vision                1. Kolong Baa United

2. World Eleven               2. Soccer Star

3. Ajax                             3. Barcelona

Group E                           Group F

1. KGH                              1. Dortmund

2. Asselem                       2. Kulukochi       

3. Young Free Town        3. Young Red Star

Group G                         Group H     

1. Kontano                      1. Top Spot

2. Oxford                         2.Halifax

3. Dokula                         3.Young Sunderland

Author: Lamin Darboe
Source: Picture: Late Modou Janneh