Opinion:Fear, greed, and arrogance surrounds marijuana laws

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

AU.S. president claims ‘we have nothing to fear but fear’ and he was quoted by our president and many people. I affirm fear is dangerous, but greed and arrogance are also extremely dangerous. When the racist white American made a presentation that ‘marijuana makes black people feel equal to whites and make white women sleep with black men’, he was arguing on fear that made fearful and racist white officials, like Harry J. Anslinger, choose cruel marijuana laws and policies for the U.S. Few years after, financial greed than racial fear shows them how marijuana may become a competitor to their alcohol, cigarette, and pharmaceutical industries... So President Richard Nixon rallied the world against marijuana to unsuspecting politicians around the world. Arrogant impositions on adults and sovereign countries were made in the name of ‘protecting the children’. Pre-employment marijuana tests in the U.S became the norm to deny working opportunities to mainly black youths, which led to more gangs, more money for private prisons, excuse to raise taxes, support or indifference to police brutality, more nightmares to the general public, etc. The U.S. spent over one trillion dollars on a war against, mainly, marijuana, but now they are exporting marijuana and hemp to fearful poor countries like the Gambia. Thousands of police died along the way, thousands more civilians died through police and gangs; millions paid fines and imprisonment, but the Gambia cannot see how our present marijuana laws, not marijuana, contribute to gangs and much worse crimes? So myself and many other people understood world politics to fight for marijuana legalization in the U.S than the Canada I lived or the Gambia I was born... The Great Lord opens the minds of Canadian leaders and some U.S leaders, but do African leaders have heart or mind to be opened? Are they in a state of fear, greed, or arrogance? A marijuana using president Yahya Jammeh once allegedly said, ‘better to buy alcohol for government to get tax...; he also affirmed our prisoners are mainly due to marijuana than homosexuals, corruption, hard drugs, or any crime. After knowing the history and seeing the present realities, why do cruel robot minded politicians and officials want me to fight with them with imprecations, court battles, protests, etc?

Fear caused cruelty beyond the Gambia... Fear of ‘promiscuity caused the culture of cruelty known as FGM’ and how sadly were they appeased by where it seemingly worked, ignoring the damage they were doing and where it didn’t work? Fear of marijuana or losing votes caused the cruelty against even patients, and how sadly are they appeased by where it seemingly works, ignoring the damage they are doing , when and where it will backfire? Their claims expose their fearful mindset and cruel deeds. Like many liars and cruel folks, they claim to care for the children, as if we and other countries do not care about the children. They claim by being cruel to adults for marijuana, it will somehow scare cowardly children and some adults? Teaching against promiscuity ‘was not enough’ to warrant FGM, teaching against alcohol is ‘enough’, but teaching and regulating marijuana is not enough? When an alcoholic or cigarette smoking police or Judge jails an adult marijuana user, his or her family members hurt, including the children. They claim ‘no, some children will fear’... So they inadvertently admit they rule by fear and assumptions, instead of love and calculations. How many get hurt and how many do not fear? May be they are blind on such, to be raised blind on final judgement day? Over the years, you sacrificed how many people and did the fear of marijuana rose or declined in and outside the Gambia? Where as the number of marijuana prison victims is large, especially compare to other crimes, the percentage of sellers and users caught is extremely small. Even if you catch one seller every week, that is about 52 sellers out of over thousand sellers. Plus the sellers you caught will likely have recruits to take over. High quality with options can be a problem, but Marijuana Supply is hardly a problem in any country. Documentaries have repeatedly reveal marijuana supply in U.S prisons, and TRRC affirms marijuana supply in Gambian prisons. Through reasonable calculations, I have shown the U.S that they do not catch even five percent of marijuana –using their record data of confiscations, what a team of five sells in a week in few cities, and reasonable estimation of consumption. So your lousy TV humiliations of unfortunate sellers is political propaganda to appease the naïve and cowardly. You are fighting a losing battle, and if you arrogantly think you can win where the U.S failed, I am here to fight until your colonial masters re-educate or re-dictate you. Please list how much harm criminalization of marijuana does beyond finance, then list how much benefit can legalization with regulations could bring. Calculations should be used on laws and policies, not just fearful assumptions... Until more Africans start citing marijuana for refugee status or their citizens getting arrested here, The U.S is less likely to pressure you anytime soon on marijuana because they are dictated by ‘financial interest’; so they rather allow Gambians bring mid and higher grade marijuana for our rich users – this will enrich their farmers while you jail some farmers...; give taxes to their governments while you waste tax monies on our prisons; they protect their children with regulations while you bank on fear, gamble them with illegal sellers, and allow the selling of cigarette to minors; they will eat hemp seeds for health, while you sell and beg for man made medicine with side effects; they will use export billions of hemp made products to us and the world, while you deny our farmers and great minds the opportunity that God gives us. Is it not time to learn and repent, or admit you are d[oers of]evils in disguise or guards of earthly hell till when? Feel free to focus and count how many sentences you deem too strong, but how many sentences are undisputed facts? Your cowardly advisers may tell you ‘we are not yet there’ on positive issues, but will they be able to protect you from the Lord, or even my rhetorics and future moves? The religious claims against marijuana are hypocritical false and no Imam dare debate me on it. Plus, most religious folks are not against hemp and medical marijuana, but recreational marijuana. So legalizing the two can be a start. If you think I am mean, wait until the angel or Lord of Mizghalazaratin contrast you with standards and your counterparts. I wrote to Yahya Jammeh with stronger imprecations on the need to legalize marijuana, and I will hate to repeat such against President Barrow, whom I consider a friend and bigger brother... Are you humble and caring enough to learn from an ordinary citizen or rather wait for pressure? It is your responsibility to convince the cowards and drags, but feel free to invite me to do it for you and answer any reasonable question they may have