OPINION: What reading from the revocation of Mai Ahmad Fatty?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

It’s through a press release from the Presidency that His Excellency Adama Barrow, President of the Republic, relieved this Friday, November 10, 2017 Mai Ahmad Fatty, as Interior Minister.  A mini-shuffle of readjustment under the Barrow governance, which surprises the Gambian people and political analysis. Still, in the press release from the Presidency, the president does not put forward any reason for separating from one of his most influential Ministers. A mania that reminds many things to the national opinion, accustomed to such practices under the dictatorship of Jammeh. A practice also that makes the bed to all kinds of comments to the opinion.

Mr. Fatty was part of President Barrow’s first government, which was invested in February 2017 after a hard-won transition after 22 years of autocratic Jammeh rule. Today, he became the first of the transitional government to be relieved of his duties.

Political analysts believe that his defenestration could be linked to its inability to provide biometric ID cards and passports to his fellow citizens.

When he took office last February, the production and delivery of identity cards and passports was one of his priorities. However, his political result is not so negative. He is one of those most influential ministers of the regime who were always present on the ground to engage with the people and the police.

Recently, on the case called “Westfield Occupy”, he had received the group of young people who intended to be heard. Collective that he had received and dialogued with, despite the measure of the ban on walking applied thereafter.

Another reading to make in this dismissal is the lack of political basis of Mai Ahmet Fatty. As a reminder, in the legislative elections last April, his party, the GMC (Gambia Moral Congress), candidate for these elections had obtained no seat in the Hemicycle – a fatal debacle for a man who wants to be a political actor in the country. Will he make shattering outings the day after his dismissal? Will he leave the ruling coalition? For the moment, we give our language to the cat, while hoping to be edify in the near future

Henceforth, he is announced in the Gambian Diplomacy. He is very likely to be seconded as Ambassador of Gambia abroad where he can always serve his country. A disgrace for this member of the coalition, formerly known very close to Barrow whom he had accompanied in Bamako, then Dakar to serve as spokesperson at the height of the crisis.

Author: Amadou Barry
Source: Picture: Ex Interior Minister Mai Ahmet Fatty formerly known very close to Barrow