OPINION: Voter must change their attitude

Friday, May 11, 2018

The low turnout of 34% of registered voters during the National Assembly elections was surely an indication of voters’ change of attitude that leaves much to be desired as compared to the Presidential elections.

The results of the Presidential elections which brought about the down fall of the notorious Dictator cum monster YAYA JAMMEH, reflected the maturity and political consciousness of voters. The massive turn out of voters during the Presidential elections resulted to the restoration of democracy in the Gambia.

Since the constitutional right to elect in a free and fair atmosphere according to the choice  of voters is the only means by which democracy will prevail, voters should by all means take the advantage to exercise their constitutional right  through the electoral system to ensure that the candidates of their choice can and will fulfill their aspirations.

On the contrary, the voters’ failure to cast their votes during any election can result to the misrepresentation of voters’ interests ultimately leading to the frustration of all efforts to engender the greatly needed socio economic development throughout the Gambia. The same enthusiasm to vote the hypocrite and charlatan bigot YayaJammeh out of office must and should be replicated in all other elections for the common good of all concerned.

Consequently, the forthcoming local government elections should be viewed with the positive change of attitude of voters in whose interest the electoral system can be best used to enable the candidates of their choice to fully participate in the democratic process in order to achieve the desired aims and objectives of matured and political conscious voters, without which the Gambia would have remained in the Hell on Earth that for 22 years was characterized by witch hunting, arrest, detentions, torture, and brutal murder of citizens.

The Press is therefore appealing to all progressive and peace loving voters to fully participate in the democratization of the Gambia by casting their votes to encourage every citizen to look forward to a brighter and prosperous future for our beloved country worldly renowned for peace, hospitality and tranquility.