OPINION: STATEMENT from Pa Njie Girigara, a citizen of the Gambia.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I Pa Njie Girigara hereby declare and say as follows;

That we the majority of Gambians fought very hard to remove from office the regime of a Bloody dictator and Chief thief of our meager public resources.

That we will always remember ALL the martyrs including soldiers, journalists, activists, students, ordinary citizens and politicians who lost their lives under Jammeh’s brutal regime the past 22 years.

We will also remember and sympathize with citizens who lost businesses and or properties destroyed or forcefully taken or forcefully bought by Yaya Jammeh and business thru associates.

That we will always cherish, remember and recognize all the efforts that journalists, activists, politicians and citizens who challenged and fought the Jammeh regime until the birth of the New Gambia in 2016.

I hereby wish to register and state my sincere appreciation and acknowledgement of the composition of the Janneh Commission of enquiry as well as recognize the daunting task in front of them in unearthing the criminal financial dealings of Yaya Jammeh and Associates for the 22 years.

I hereby wish to encourage the Janneh Commission to continue the good job appreciated by majority of Gambians and friends of the Gambia and not to succumb to wild and frivolous criticism mainly made out of selfish reasons, political reasons financial reasons, family reasons and ethnic reasons.

That by making the above statements, I am in no way a member of the Coalition Government or any political party. I make these statements as an ordinary citizen who has contributed in the fight against the Jammeh dictatorial and brutal regime.

I wish to call on ALL patriotic citizens who want to see justice done and repaired in our beloved country to join and encourage the Janneh Commission members who had decided to take the bullet in a small society where relationships are intricate with the supreme interest of restoring financial sanity in our public resources.

I also wish to condemn any lawyer, journalists, civil servant and politician who wish to negatively portray and undermine the works of the Janneh Commission in delivering the stolen monies and properties of the public back to where it belong.

I conclude by advising the present Coalition Government and the President in particular to take heed of the present Janneh proceedings and revelations and desist from any practice that will bring them to another future commission of enquiry after their political mandate ends.

Thank you for your patriotism and love for country.

Pa Njie Girigara.