OPINION: Please promptly address communal conflicts in Wuli West and Kombo South.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

(Monday, 9 April 2018 issue)
Dear Editor,

Please allow me space to appeal to the government and the people of the Gambia to promptly intervene in the communal conflicts in Wuli West more specifically between the villages of Taibatou and Madinakoto and Kombo South, Gunjur. I have strong believe that when government and its people strictly adhere to Chapter II, Section 22, Sub-Section1a of the Constitution and the Laws of The Gambia, lots of conflicts can be timely resolved in our dear mother-land without negatively halting productivity.

The national security apparatuses should be used efficiently to curb any potential conflicts particularly on land issues, whilst the regional governors individually and collectively should play their traditional and executive roles without biasness. Nowadays there are many village organizations, interest groups and community Based organizations which can be used as watchdogs over theeminence of potential conflicts in the Regions, Districts and Wards. These can reduce the possibility of deadly conflicts leading to loss of Life and property. There is need for intensive sensitization on the maintenance of peace in this country and land should be an issue of “Nationalism”, how can one use the vast land in The Gambia for Agricultural productivity?

There is a need for Guidance and Counseling Centers all over the country available with professional services. Kairo Survivor Led Crisis Society a voluntary organization was established in November 2017 to address individuals in crisis situations through guidance and counseling. The service is free of charge and core values include cherishing confidentiality, humility and honesty atall times. On behalf of the Society,  I appeal to Gambians and residents of the Gambia to give peace a chance by continuously breeding dialogues at all times wherever and whenever misunderstandings arise between individuals, families, communities, interest groups etc. The use of online comments, reactions and WhatsApp groups should be revisited; some are using those media to rekindle a ravaging fire. This is counter- productiveand myopic in every sense of human vision. Gambians should remember that there is a supreme document of our land in which we all…” had our say;” this is the Constitution of The Gambia which should be respected and not disregarded. In other words no matter what ethnic or political origin and affiliation. Individuals or groups must not put the law in their hands for the consequence is subsequent punishment by the same law. Those who obey the law are the wise ones.

Your sincerely,

Mr. Ebrima M. Jawneh (President of Kairo Survivor-Led Crisis Society- 02202649081/02206235951)