OPINION: Letter of thanks and advices for public consumption Asalamu Alaikum Gambians

Monday, June 18, 2018

On behalf of my family and on my own behalf, I hereby send my greetings, best wishes and congratulations to our peaceful, kind, respectful, humanitarian, hardworking and visionary President  for the job well done. The amount of money pledges for The Gambia through your Leadership is sign of good luck and hope to take up meaning full development of The Gambia.

May the almighty Allah give you longer life, good health, success, prosperity and protection to you and your family throughout your leadership. My special thanks and best wishes goes to all the Coalition party leaders, The GDC party leader, Senegalese Government and The ECOMIG Team for the wonderful collaboration for the change from dictatorship to democracy.

My greetings goes to all the members of parliament (MPs) and the Honorable speaker, our local Government Councilors, Mayors and Chairmen. My advice is, we the Gambians has high hope and trust on all of you that is why you are all voted in, so please you should all forget about the political differences, tribalism, nepotism, practice forgiveness, forget about the past for the way forward and join hands together, Gambia is a family nobody can separate, whoever try will fail (hence one single tree cannot make a forest) do all your best efforts in collaboration, work hand in glove for the socio economic development of The Gambia .You are all leaders of different units and all eyes in The Gambia and abroad are watching you and also every leader must be accountable of those you are in charge of by the almighty Allah.

My advice is, for all political leaders should emulate our former extra ordinary leader His Excellency Alh. Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara who ruled this country for over 30 years with real democracy. No tribalism, respect for human rights, rule of law in peacefulness. May God the Almighty bless him with good health for the rest of his life.

My last advice is, Gambians must understand that politic is a game of selecting good leadership for good Governance and it goes and come, but the people, remain as Gambians in their different geographical locations and politic is all about doing and saying the truth to gain people’s confidence .It is always better to think before leaping, because one single word could be a boom shell. I can’t understand why Gambians are using politics for tribalism, creating conflict between two parties and families, insulting the nation party leaders like Honorable Ousainou Darboe, His Excellency the President Adama Barrow and others!

The Government must take a drastic step about such inhuman behaviour by him or her to face the law. Leadership comes through God and said we must give full respect and obedience to our leaders or otherwise as a Muslim you leave a distance and these most recent ones are all Muslim. Even not about politics Honorable Darboe is an important elderly person in this country, much more President Adama Barrow. It is even possible that Darboe is older than their fathers, just as the saying goes, charity begins at home, he or she who don’t give respect to their parents shall never give respect to others! I see no reason why people should use politics on others to that extend. It’s very sad and disappointing behaviour which needs to be stopped!


Honourable Kantong T. Marenah