OPINION: Confessions from conscience not coercion

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Analysis By Essa Bokarr Sey

Deyda Hydara’s response to Yahya Jammeh came from his grave it was delivered by Malick Jatta a hired killer. Deyda Hydara is not a man anyone will kill and then disappear as if nothing happened. Malick Jatta’s  confessions are not coming a heart they are coming from conscience where he has already started his sentence!

Yahya Jammeh once said these words: “Anyone who wants to know who killed Deyda Hydara can go and ask his grave.”

Essa Faal lead counsel of the TRRC informed Malick Jatta of all his rights before starting, which shows that rule of law has ended tyranny then begins a new era where justice takes the lead!

Deyda has responded without waiting for anyone to go ask him the question at his grave. He heard Yahya as soon as he asked that WICKED question without any remorse. Deyda is a lion who fights injustice from his grave. Deyda did not hesitate to send a reply through Malick Jatta. It is Malick Jatta who waited for years to deliver the message to all of us. Deyda’s message to Yahya Jammeh was in Malick Jatta’s hard heart of a killer for years. Jatta’s heart is still not soft but serial killers when faced with truth do shiver asking for forgiveness or act like victims.

Malick Jatta was one of the killers some of us have been  zooming on over the years. At a time when many of those who wanted the cartel Yahya Jammeh called a “government” to remain here maiming and killing called us people who were out to tarnish his image! These are people who wanted to make everyone else believe that Jammeh was a “saint” therefore critics like Essa Bokarr Sey were “hateful vermins”! Alhamdulillah Yaa Kabirr! Today those who were being indexed are the very ones authenticating these atrocities with confessions from conscience not coercion.

How many times have I been saying TIME IS THE BEST PARTNER OF TRUTH?!

For those of us watching such revelations from these people believed that Malick Jatta with other jungulers did nothing wrong at the time. To them I say KEEP REVISITING YOUR MEMORY LANE!  When you do come back answer the following question! What do you say today?

On the other hand there are concerned citizens who have asked me a question like” What is  the rationale behind Malick Jatta being in (OUR) military uniform?”. (Our) here has a deeper meaning. It means Gambian citizens everywhere and anywhere.  Therefore this OUR stands for the common good. It should then be guided by Justice as stipulated in our national anthem. We are far cleaner than tyranny so let’s allow justice to guide us against emotions and vengeance. That being the case let me shed light on why Malick Jatta is in (OUR) uniform from a military angle. Malick Jatta is in uniform not because he is in en poste at any unit. Malick Jatta is not the soldier we can be proud of or be comfortable near him. Which is why before coming to the TRRC Malick Jatta himself knew that he was no hero but a man called to answer to questions related to evil he did to the nation and its citizens. That said, he was from detention  and will be going back there. Usually for someone who was serving and is yet to be sentenced by either a court martial or a civil court (in certain instances) he or she puts on the uniform especially when appearing before a panel or something like the TRRC.

Him being in uniform did not deter those deployed to guard him from coming to the TRRC during proceedings. Take a closer look at the videos again and again or observe the surrounding. You will realize that there are uniformed men or presumably guards behind him. Which is what analysts call paying attention to detail during observations. Not every witness who appears before the TRRC is guarded like Malick Jatta or others similarly implicated in matters related to what qualifies him to be there. Malick is guarded not because of importance he is being guarded like any other serial killer would have been guarded during proceedings. Think of it this way. When you bring a snake in a crowd for display you are expected to put it in a place or guard it not because the snake is harmless it is because it should be guarded to protect those around or stop it from escaping! Malick Jatta is a detainee but still not out of the ranks through the due process of law. Which of course means provisions in the constitution, the TRRC ACT and GAF ACT combined.  That being the case Malick Jatta will definitely not be in uniform in the event that he is convicted or sentenced now or in the future. Latter is not food for emotions, wishes or desires. It is food for impartiality guided by jurisprudence.

Finally let me reassure all those asking this question that NO ONE! I mean NO ONE! will shoot and kill a GIANT like Deyda Hydara  then be left to roam around as if nothing happened. So let’s keep the faith burning in us. Deyda was a man of justice. This is what Deyda Hydara was fighting for. Deyda offered his life, he ultimately died for facts to remain unchained then end tyranny. Most of the time heros leave their legacies behind to witness the results of resistance. Deyda would have defended the rights of killers like Malick Jatta if he was alive today watching the TRRC. Deyda was not vindictive he was a true son of the land.

I can assure his family that Deyda Hydara will never ever be forgotten when the chapter of Gambia is written in the big book of world history. I can also reassure everyone who cared for and loved Deyda based on what he stood for that, Hydara Karaa will remain the ghost to hunt down all those who killed him or killed others during his life time. Or when he left this earth.

For me Deyda Hydara of Gambia and Zongo of Burkina Faso are the bravest heros. These two used PENS against GUNS.