Thursday, December 20, 2018

The fulfillment of the aspiration of the younger generation should be the top priority of the members of the older generation on whom it is incumbent to engender the progress of society enhancing the development of all sectors throughout The Gambia.

It therefore goes without saying that in the current situation of employment which leaves much to be desired, in order to achieve the progress necessary to acquire our desire goals the younger generation must be given the opportunity to contribute to the socio-economic development of The Gambia through their participation in public functions at an early age.

The former Minister of Agriculture Alh Omar Jallow in an interview with Radio Star FM 19 of December, 2018, categorically stated his declared intention to retire from holding public offices. The Honourable example of Alh Omar Jallow is indeed most commendable and must be emulated by all aged occupants of public offices throughout The Gambia.

 Indeed to ensure that particularly senior public offices are occupied by members of the younger generation, a staff audit exercise must be carried out to expose all aged occupants of public offices who for the sake of progress must adopt the attitude of Alh Omar Jallow, allowing younger Gambians to meaningfully participate in public functions to achieve the require productivity level in all sectors throughout The Gambia.

Since the only condition necessary for evil to triumph is when the good people do nothing, it is hope that no favoritism will be entertain in any staff audit exercise to ensure that the stipulated age for retirement is strictly adhered to without fear or favour. Where there is no age limit, beyond seventy years of age can show the signs of senility which could be dangerous.