Only truth can free people of Faraba from their troublesBarrow Tells Commissioners

Friday, July 06, 2018

Presiding over the swearing in ceremony of the Commission of Inquiry into the Faraba incident on Thursday at State House, President Adama Barrow says he believes profoundly that it is only the truth that can free the people of Faraba from their troubles and reconcile their differences as a community.

“On the other hand, it is vital that those who committed human right abuses and other crimes are brought to justice,” the president added.

He said the journey to consolidating democracy, good governance, human rights and development has been tasted and accurate measures have to be taken to continue with the progress made.

“It appears that in our journey towards consolidation of democracy, good governance, human rights and national development, our resolve is being tasted and challenged,” the president said. “However, the revelation and establishment of accurate facts and the truth in all circumstances is fundamental for any community or country to progress peacefully.”

“The Gambia is no exception to this,” he said. “Hence my decision to commission an inquiry into the unfortunate Faraba incident,” adding the swearing in ceremony is a step towards establishing facts to the matter.”

“This swearing-in ceremony will allow us to follow the right process in order to establish the truth and, thereafter, take the right decision and a well-informed course of action.”

The Gambian leader urged the six commission members led by human rights lawyer Emmanuel Joof to get to the bottom of the matter and present an impartial report for peace and justice to reveal, noting how important it is to ensure appropriate action is taken to prevent such an incident from re-occurring.

He assured his maximum support to the commission by providing convenient environment and without any interference. He also urged all those affected to come forward and collaborate with the commission for a successful investigation.

The president reaffirmed his government’s commitment to serving justice and human rights for all.

“My government will stand firm for truth and justice, and we will remain committed at all times to the restoration of human rights, fair play and the pursuit of justice for all.”

He concludes by urging Gambians to unite for a better Gambia.

“To conclude, I must remind you that we fought for change in order to improve the lot of every citizen and to make The Gambia a better place for all of us. Therefore, let us unite and, together, we will be stronger to move on.”

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: President Barrow & commission members