One Tree Records releases second album

Friday, January 18, 2019

A British label, One Tree Records have released their second album titled SOS. The album is a collection of eighteen songs written by Patrick Hall and co-writers Gary Hall and Carl Troia.

The album is a collection of two years songs based on love, togetherness, strength, happiness, sadness and stories of Patrick’s home, wife and children. The record has two albums that are out to date.

Patrick told the Point Entertainment and Life Style at Lemon Creek hotel that he started One Tree Records to encourage young unsigned musicians who do not know the benefits of writing their own songs to avoid copyrights of their hard work.

He added that his wife, children, grandchildren and other people be come into contact with everyday are his inspiration.  He described music as an essential part of finding a level, adding that their motto is put down the knife and pick up a musical instrument.

Patrick said he would like to hear his songs rerecorded by other artistes in their own ways and interpret them how they feel because musicians receive and interpret things in different ways.  “My greatest joy will be to hear my songs being done by other people,” he said.

Patrick also said that his quest is to make difference through his music in his lifetime because there are lot of people who need hope and in a world without love is not a true world. “I begin to show love for music at the age of four. My musical career has been a long and beautiful journey.”

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb