On Patriotism

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Islamic injunction that love of one’s country is part of belief that cannot be confined to emotional expressions alone; neither can the biblical edict to love one’s neighbour be trivialised only by saying the phrase –‘I love you’.

Our neighbors are our own countrymen and women and it is part of our religion to be kind and to be of service to whoever is in need.

It is true that Rome was not built in a day and so is it the case that Rome was built by none but the Romans. So therefore, national building calls for collective service so as to render as much service with excellent and attitude to develop this great country of ours.

While we know that we have neighbours further out in the global neighborhood, we must never forget that charity begins at home and thus act accordingly by giving back here and now before venturing further out.

It is puzzling that we hear about Gambians excelling well abroad but their impact is not felt back home. Our craving for the so called international appointment has rendered even the temporary service that some of us render before leaving meaningless as some use the public service solely to get professional training and build sterling resumes; but as the laws of nature would have it, it is scarcely surprising that some of these international jobs land us into tiny cubicles with paper in our electronic bank accounts but the spirit and the character get drawn down with time.

To this end, we implore everyone to give as much service as possible and to always keep in mind the fact that their compensation is never limited to their pay checks since the Most Gracious Allah will never allow any good productive work to remain unrewarded. His reward comes both in tangible and intangible forms, here as well as in the hereafter.

Service to the nation is not limited to the public sector alone, whether you work for private companies, public institutions or charitable organisations, the goal and direction is the same, to build a nation of peace and prosperity.

The journey of nation building has never been a smooth and perfect one anywhere in the world and so ours is not going to be an exception. But whatever the case we must remember that as Muslims and Christians, we are duty bound to love and to serve our country.

Guest Editorial