Oley Dibba-Wadda launches book on African woman

Friday, December 29, 2017

A book entitled ‘Mission of an African woman on a mission’ was on 22 December 2017, launched at the Ebujan Theater hall in Kanifing.

The book was authored by Madam Oley Dibba-Wadda, born in United Kingdom to Gambian parents.

She was the first woman to head the Pan African Institution (Association for the Development of Education) in Africa and was awarded Inspiring Woman of Excellence in The Gambia in 2012 and Women Leadership Award in Mauritius in 2013.

Dr. Nana Grey-Johnson, speaking on the occasion, said the memoir of an African woman on a mission shows all the critical steps that it takes a book to be called a book.

He said that the book contained the life history of Madam Oley since her childhood up to the stage she is presently and some of the challenges she has been through.

According to him, the book shows a sense of comfort, a sense of determination, a sense of personality and a sense of growth as well as the struggles that one may go through to make their dreams come through.

He noted that the book also indicated that parents punish their children not because they like to do so but to correct them, adding that the book explained the strict warnings that parents gives to their children, especially when it comes to mid-night parties.

He disclosed that page 81 of the book shows how a father and his daughter forgive each other face to face.

Dr. Nana Grey-Johnson recounted how education could be a solution to one’s problem.

The author, Madam Oley Dibba-Wadda, said her zeal is to share all that she is with the youths. “My life is to give and share all that I am and all that I have to humankind,” she said.

Madam Wadda disclosed that when she started to write, the more she wrote the more ideas came to her like a dream.

She added that the only difficulties she face in the process of writing the book was when she was editing the book as the book portrays the way she was lived with her mum and the rest of their family members.

“The book takes me to places where I have been to. Some young girls always inspire me and always tell me that they want to be like me,” she said.

The author of the book said she did not write the book to find money but the purpose was to share her blessing with its readers.

The guest of honour at the occasion, the Vice President, Madam Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang, said The Gambia is one family and anybody who lives in spirit lives a happy life.

Madam Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang added that as she was a field worker and gender activist, her ambition was to promote gender equality and to support the youths, especially women.

She said in life every human being needs to be honest and open to people in life, adding that in life no mission is completed until the day you die.

Mr. Bey Malleb Wadda, described his wife as a coach to the society as she is always ready to share her experience with others.

He added that Oley, his wife is a responsible woman who always grabs any opportunity that comes on her way.

He said Oley together with him have gone through a coaching training course and their ambition is to guide youths, especially children on how to make a way through in their lives.

Author: Fatou Dem