O.J. takes on B.B. Dabo

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The former leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Omar Jallow, who is widely known as O.J. has said that Bakary B. Dabo shows that he lacks the competence to lead PPP or The Gambia in general.

He added that Bakary Bunja Dabo has now shown everyone that he is incapable of leading the PPP party, asserting that B.B. has “Jammerism,” explaining that Mr. Dabo initially accepted the elections result and later rejected it.

Mr. Jallow made these remarks while rubbishing the allegations and accusation made by Mr. Dabo and co during a televised meeting on 20 January 2019.

Bakary Bunja Dabo and his camp spoke on QTV recently about last month’s PPP congress in which they alleged that there were malpractices during the PPP congress election.

Mr. Dabo and others; such as Alh. Yahya Ceesay, James Gaye, Alaba Mboge, and Dodou Taal have also revealed that during the PPP congress, the newly elected leader Papa Njie was buying people’s votes and that they are also calling for his resignation with immediate effect.

Mr. Jallow further said that the PPP congress was one of the best organised, transparent, open and credible congresses in the country.

“It was shameful because I thought that the people that are saying these accusations and allegations had dignity not only for themselves but for the party and the decision of the majority of Gambians at that congress,” he said, adding that “If they have proof of what they are claiming, I want them to bring it on the table for scrutiny and make a decision,” he said.

O.J finally said that they will not pronounce BB and co out of PPP, noting that PPP as a party is open to all Gambians who want the development of the country.

The party’s new leader, Papa Njie said that their party’s doors are still open for dialogue with Mr. Dabo and others, adding that PPP has only one camp.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara