OIC Summit 2019: Gambian police trained on Public Order Management

Monday, May 06, 2019

As part of preparation for the upcoming OIC Summit in The Gambia, the Turkish National Police in collaboration with the Gambian OIC Secretariat Friday concluded a two-week training for 30 Gambian (PIU) security officers on Public Order Tactical Applications.

The training which is part of a move for a successful staging of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit was held at The Gambia Police Credit Union Office (PIU), Kanifing.

The Public Order Management course includes: Investigative Skills, Communication Skills, Traffic Control Management, Movement and Tactics as well as Crowd and Riot control.

“The police in the world are preparing to distinguish all kind of challenges but the most important of that is how to respond well in terms of riot and crowd problems,” said Turkish Ambassador Ismail Sefa Yuceer. He added that these kinds of trainings will help both the Gambian and Turkish police.

He said that all the units of Turkish police are well prepared to respond to any kind of challenges, saying that the Gambian police participants are very lucky to have some inspiration from the Turkish police.

Yankuba Sonko, the adviser on Security Matters at the Interior Ministry, said the training is very important for PIU security officers, noting that the law has forbidden the security to excessively use force. He said that the understanding of participants to the course is very important as far as public management is concerned.

He expressed no doubt that the Turkish training teams are up to date in terms of public order management, noting that what they impose on the country’s security operatives will pay dividends.

He urged the participants to take the training lessons seriously and properly and go through them as well as identify with them constantly.

“We are in a very difficult moment and demonstrations and community disorders will come up frequently because the society is very intolerant now and you are the people who are going to face those members of the community,” he told the participants.

He called on the participants not to overreact when dealing with the members of the public, while also urging them to take commands from their superior at all times.        

Representing the IGP, Kalilou Njie, KMC regional commissioner, thanked the government of Turkey through their ambassador for training the Gambian Police Force, noting that the importance of this training on public order management cannot be over-emphasised, considering the fact that they also need the knowledge gained by participants to deliver during and after the OIC summit   

He therefore called on the participants to share the knowledge gained from the training by training their other colleagues who are in the force.

Representing the OIC, Essa Abubacarr Sy, said the training was very important to the police officers as they have a big responsibility in terms of controlling the people.

“After thanking Allah, I have to pray for the police to remain vigilant because I left school and went to the army and that’s what makes me to what I’m today,” he told the police officers.

This he said, is the reason why he doesn’t take anything related to security matters lightly, adding that if they did that, it means they are wasting their time. He noted that at the OIC level they will continue to show their support to the security.  

According to him, people commended the PIU officers for being the most active apparatus as far as preparing for the OIC is concerned, while calling on them to also listen to the concerns of people.

Sefa Korkusuz, one of the trainers from the Turkish team, expressed delight to come to The Gambia and train his counterparts on the above mentioned courses, noting that there were some concerns expressed before arriving in the country, but hailed the participants for their good participation.

“We have a great time in the country and also with the Gambian police during the training,” he said, while thanking the participants and also looking forward to coming back to The Gambia some day.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara