OG LO’s Chosan album hits market

Friday, September 20, 2019

OG LO, one of Gambia’s finest rappers has unveiled his latest album ‘Chosan’ to all digital platforms for public consumption, as it is widely regarded to have rich American music, culture and spirituality.

Released last year, the album comprises of tracks recorded and mixed by Minker, Dougie, and Hakim, it is mastered by Triple J and produced by Jay Mills Studio. It featured prominent Gambian artistes including ST, Jalimadi, Gee, and Bai Babu. Some of the hit songs Jalimadi featured on (JAAM)-(GISULOR ft Gee)-(Chosan ft Bai Babu) and (Dunya ft St).

OG Lo, a Serekunda based hip-hop cum rapper told journalists that songs in the album talk about society and the day-to-day struggles and survival of people.

 He explained that it took years to compile the methodology of the beats, the singing notes, topics, stories, to put together them perfect piece. “I named the album Chosan, mainly to remind myself of my originality and the reality behind the past musicians or I can say legends, like late Musa Afia Ngum, and a lot more legends that had a great compact in the survival of Gambian music. To me it feels like they have passed on to us a very powerful gift, to realize one thing, that’s to never forget our roots and how rich our culture and music could be,” he said.

“So, I chose to call the album (Chosan) and created the album with people I believe in. Instrumentals from the Kora, the flute, beat making. Which, when fused with the old melodies and words of wisdom, produce lyrics that are matured enough to feed the ears of each and every being. Being crafted years ago till date, this brings out the creation of today’s music.”

He said the kora is much respected instrument from the legend Jaliba Kuyateh and so on. It’s called music of the soul, not soul music. It’s a fusion of Afromanding; and I believe it contains a very rich Jollof vibe which gives you the feeling of real Africanism. It’s a project I believe needs listeners to listen carefully and wholeheartedly...because it’s a one of a kind experience of music loops and composition, time, and conscience put together,”

 “I’m very thankful for the hands put together towards the making of this album: I thank Colley Faye who comes up with very inspirational guitar cords, Ansumana for perfecting the Kora, Recordings.”