“Nyoun wa Barra.org on Ramadan sugar distribution

Friday, May 24, 2019

Thanks for agreeing to publish the sugar distribution on your paper despite the late information, the “Nyoun wa Barra.org are a none profit charitable organisation established and registered in the United states of America a year ago and on the final touches of registering in the Gambia. Our aim and objectives are to help our community and the surrounding communities to live a dignified live and assisting in times of emergencies and needs. Upon formation,  we managed to provide our community in Barra with over a 110 bags of sugar for the month of Ramadan last year, launched a back to school program for our school going children,  embarked on the fencing of the community graveyard and again managed to give the community over 65 bags of sugar last Sunday the the 19th to be distributed amongst the community regardless of faith and we intend to establish institutions to get our young people off the streets into apprenticeship.

We intend to give your paper advance notice in the future to cover all our activities.

Your sincerely

Ismaila Sonko

Diaspora Executive PRO.