Nyofelleh LBS certifies Hearts for Siffoe in Belgium

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Management and students of Nyofelleh Lower Basic School in Kombo South have submitted a certificate of appreciation to Hearts for Siffoe, a seven ladies-led charitable organisation based in Belgium.

The organisation have been supporting schools and health facilities in Kombo South, including Siffoe Lower Basic school and health center, tiled three classrooms at Nyofelleh lower basic and Nursery schools.

Hearts for Siffoe is currently partnering with Gambia Rural Poor Association (GamRuPA) and Young People Without Borders (YPWB) both youth-led community based organisation in Siffoe.

Kalifa Kanteh, coordinator for Hearts for Siffoe and GamRuPA and chairman YPWB said Hearts for Siffoe have been immensely supporting schools in Kombo South. He said they have identified and started supporting a new project at Hope Center Nursery school, saying they have already paid teachers’ salaries up to June, this year and provided bags of rice to teachers which will be followed with school feeding programme. “They have also agreed to provide solar power borehole to Hope center nursery school at the tune of D420,000. The working will start this week.”

Mr. Kanteh said members of the organisation have been providing teaching and learning materials to schools alongside working with teachers to introduce new teaching methods which was viewed as useful. “They have also purchased medication for Siffoe, Nyofelleh and Kerr Sering health center and some quantity to Madina Salam health center,” he said.