NYC embarks on developing GWYPHA

Thursday, April 05, 2018

The National Youth Council (NYC) in collaboration with UN Major Group for Children and Youth on Wednesday organised a day consultative forum on the process of developing the “Guidelines for Working with and for Young People in Humanitarian Action” (GWYPHA) at Friendship Hostel, Bakau.

“Guidelines for Working with and for Young People in Humanitarian Action” seeks to gather inputs from adolescents and youth, and practitioners in humanitarian settings.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dembo Kambi, the chairman of NYC said that the day’s forum was geared towards contributing to the global efforts of developing guidelines for working with and for young people in humanitarian settings.

“In May 2016, the Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Settings was launched during the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey” he informed.

He further stated that the compact was endorsed by a multitude of actors working together towards a set of 5 actions which included Member States, UN agencies, I/NGOs, private sector and local organisations.

He pointed out that the meaningful participation and contributions of inputs by young people from The Gambia would better inform the guidelines currently under development, to cater for the realities of “our context by looking at our needs and priorities as young people, and as well enable all actors to align their strategies and programmatic responses to the needs and priorities identified by adolescents and youth.”

For his part, the executive director of NYC, Lamin Darboe, said participants should not just gather themselves in the forum as young people but to be aware that their opinions are going to shake global framework since they are acting local but they must think globally.

“You are the people who are supposed to look at the local setting in case of disasters, educational challenges, migration challenges and see how the young people can take part in solving those challenges as well to ensure that our voices are heard; and that we are not left behind in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

“We have invited youth organisations, young people humanitarian setting as well as partner institutions who also work with young people.”

He concluded by urging all the participants to take this forum as an advantage in developing and analysing the whole framework of the “Guidelines for Working with and for Young People in Humanitarian Action”. 

Author: Fatou B. Cham