NYC boss tasks Gambian artistes

Monday, April 09, 2018

Executive director of National Youth Council has underscored the power of hip-hop, challenging youngsters into music to judiciously utilise their skills to bring about the much-needed social transformation in their communities and country.

Addressing young artistes at a day’s seminar on the power of hip-hop music at the Alliance Francaise along Kairaba Avenue on Saturday, Lamin Darboe said in the recent past, many young people are voluntarily going into music and using it to communicate messages. Team Gomsa Bopa convened the seminar.

Mr. Darboe acknowledged that a lot of youngsters are now pursuing sports, creative industry and other arts, emphasising that these areas are great platforms to communicate and entertain to bring social change.

According to him, the power of hip-hop is simply the power of words, saying hip-hop music like any other music genre is a collection of words that are aligned together not only to one’s thinking but also the social needs of people. Cognizant of the fact that youth plays important role in transformation of countries and communities, Darboe charged actors in the industry to remember that they are doing music not only to entertain but to also impact the society. “That is what I have seen in this initiative.”

He said the country’s musicians must venture into initiatives that will ensure that they are not into music just for its sake but to ensure that their messages positively impact the society.

The youth leader maintained that in any engagement involving young people, it would be impossible to get all of them on the same wavelength. “It is not possible for every young person to agree with us and it is not possible for every agenda we pursue to have all the youthful population with us to pursue that agenda.”

According to him, if one cannot support other peoples’ agenda, it is important not to undermine their efforts as it is negative criticism. “You may also want to prioritize an advocacy where you would want others to support your initiative.”

Author: Sheriff Janko