Nyagen fire destroys 6 houses

Monday, February 05, 2018

At least six houses containing valuable properties have been destroyed in a double fire outbreak in Nyagen Village in Central River Region district of Niani.

The houses, belonging to brothers Fafa Mbye and Sarra Mbye were engulfed by fire at around 1am when a windstorm that lasted for several hours started before it finally settled down.

The District Disaster Management Committee arrived at the scene where they offered a rapid response and assessment exercise to ascertain the extent of damage. In total, 30 people were affected in the 6 houses.

The district chief Alhagie Pierre Bah expressed sympathy with the victim families and urged people to be mindful of fires. He said fire is another factor of poverty wherein if it strikes, can cause destruction to valuable proprerty and render people homeless. He assured them of his office’s support by helping to link them with concerned authorities.

Fafa Mbye, one of the victims said the fire had caused serious damages to his properties, leaving him and his family desperate. “The fire started at very terrible time when the wind was heavy and before people could put it under control, it had already made serious damages,” Mbaye said.

The other victim Sarra Mbye also said their foodstuff, beds, clothing, cooking utensils and many other valuable materials were consumed by the fire.