Nurses are the anchors of health care - Health Minister

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The minister of Health Dr. Modou Lamin Samateh has disclosed that nurses are the anchors of the healthcare delivery system, adding, they deliver care to the people at the most hard to reach communities with minimal resources and under unfavourable environment. 

He was speaking yesterday at the celebration of the International Nurses Day held at the State Registered Nurses (RSN) campus in Banjul.

Minister Samateh added that at the secondary and tertiary levels, nurses continue to be the face of our health facilities and hospitals, in providing the best of evidence based care and collaborating with all other professionals within the healthcare team.

“This year’s theme was: Nurses: A voice to Lead Healthcare for All. Nurses are at the forefront of promoting the rights of consumers, seeing it as a human right and duty for people to participate as a group or individual in planning and implementing their care,” he said.

He pointed out that the government recognises the tremendous contribution by the nurses to the implementation of the national development plan and the good health delivery to people of The Gambia.

Mr. Lamin Marong, the director of Nursing, explained that the first meeting of the expert committee on nursing in 1950 stressed the need for a greater number of nurses than other categories of workers.
According to him, this is because they have direct, individualised, and lasting contact with people, sick and well.

“Nurses make up over half of the health workforce of many countries, validating the widely known fact that there is no health workforce without nurses and midwives,” he said.

He further made reference to Dr. Tedros, the director of the World Health Organisation, who stated that over the years, nurses and midwives have contributed to major global health landmarks such as; the eradication of smallpox and the dramatic reductions in maternal and child mortality that have occurred in many countries.

Mam Kumba Ndow, the vice president of the National Association of The Gambia Nurses and Midwives expressed delight to rejoice with colleagues and called on them to take charge of their responsibilities.

She acknowledged the improvement of the nurses’ organisation in the country for rendering their services to communities.

Ndow added that the unite function of the nurses is to help individuals to shape our future by sticking to the norms and ethics of the profession.

Author: Pa Modou Cham