Monday, October 02, 2017

(Friday, 29th September 2017 Issue)
Nu Chilly,a rising Gambian reggae artist has just released a new song, called “Holly smoke”.

According to the artist, the song Holy Smoke is basically the teachings of the green medical herb.

The Song is recorded by the GSC records with a producer, Malang Fatty, who is currently living in the UK.

The song, which was officially released on 24 September 2017 has lot of air play and huge online downloads.

“I was surprised when I released the song, lot of people in the music and entertainment industries have shown appreciation of the song, it’s all over online and you can find it on sound cloud and other online outlets.

“If you get the chance to listen to the song you will realise that I am talking about a particular herb, which to me I consider as a holy herb. Please to all my fans am appealing to you to make time and listen to the song.”

“Meanwhile, my promoter in The Gambia, Kebba Camara, (DJ KEPZ) will also distribute it to all the major radio stations in Gambia. Listen to it and I bet you will enjoy it”.

NU Chilly has been an artist for more than a decade and started his career in Bakau before travelling and settling in the UK.

He worked with lot of artists, both here and outside The Gambia. Most of his songs are inspirational and revolutionary and also many times he sings about love and unity.

He has worked with one of the world’s renowned producers, Hakeem on a popular song, called “I offer you love”

Nu Chilly in a statement said very soon he would release more songs and collaborate with lots of international artist to take the name of the country to another level when it comes to music.

“To all my fans am saying a big thank you for still being there, and soon I will announce the release date for my most anticipated album”.