NORGA ceases to Sponsor Brufut United until...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Norwegian international Holding Company (NORGA) is said to have ceased to sponsor GFF 2nd Division side Brufut United until when the negotiation talks between the people of the coastal village and NORGA is deemed normal, Sports Journalist Alieu Ceesay has gathered.

The Company, as investigated by this reporter, has registered the Brufut United Team with the Attorney General Chambers and has spent millions on the team since 2013.

Ba S. Jabbi, a member of NORGA and native of Brufut said the company has been responsible for payment of wages and providing the needed football materials for the team.

The Company, according to Jabbi, owns 65% of the team and the community of Brufut own 35%. “NORGA will cease to support the team until everything is normalised. “We are tired of the insults we continue to receive from people,” said Ba S Jabbi but denied rumour that he resigned from NORGA.

Brufut Sports Committee Chairman Mbackey Fatty, told this journalist in an interview that his committee had not received any formal notification from NORGA that they are withdrawing their sponsorship.

Fatty said there is a binding Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between NORGA and the Brufut Sports Committee but he was hopeful that there can be optional plan in case the company stops its support but declined comment further. 

Author: Alieu Ceesay