Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Members of Network of Gender Journalists for Women and Cultural Advancement (NoGJWCA)-The Gambia last Thursday visited The Gambia Family Planning Association Center in Bundung as part of an existing partnership between the two sides.

Modou Njie, programme manager of Gambia Family Planning Association delivered an orientation to NoGJWCA members about the facility, saying that would help them to have easy access to information or service any time they need them. “This center was established in 2002 and in 2007; it was funded by UNFPA The Gambia to run a project on reproductive health,” Mr. Njie said.

He said the center addresses some issues like adult sexual reproductive health services, saying it has a resource center where students conduct researches. “The center is also a place where young people come for STI tests and provide visiting services for young people to know their health conditions.”

Mr. Njie said GFPA has nine clinics in all the regions that are available to young people in providing sexual reproductive health services that they call youth advocacy movement in all the regions.

NoGJWCA president Pateh Baldeh said the visit was a great achievement for the network members, saying media practitioners must first have their sources before writing their stories because they cannot just write imaginative stories. “Collaboration is very important and as a Network, we are trying to collaborate with institutions like Gambia Family Planning Association.”

Kassamanding Touray, GFPA branch manager said they have organised series of sensitisations for the community of Bundung and it’s surroundings since the establishment of the center in 2002.  “We also move into the communities to talk to them about the center and to show them the ownership.”

NoGJWCA Secretary General Njie Baldeh thanked GFPA officials, saying the visit was important in the establishment of partnership with Gambia Family Planning Association. “We are not asking you to give us funds directly but we can collaborate and write joint project proposals to promote the programmes of GFPA.” 

Author: Fatou Cham