NoGJWCA executive meets NCAC

Friday, September 22, 2017

Network of Gender Journalists for Women and Cultural Advancement (NoGJWCA) on Wednesday paid a courtesy call to the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC).

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the plans of the network, as well as build partnership with them on the way forward for the two organisations.

Delivering his remarks at the meeting, Njie Baldeh, Secretary-General of NoGJWCA, thanked National Centre for Arts and Culture for the invitation, adding that “this has indicated a good partnership between the NCAC and NoGJWCA.”

“NCAC is the institution mandated to run the affairs of culture in this country and the network thought it wise to work with the NCAC in terms of promoting culture,” he said.

Also speaking at the meeting, Pateh Baldeh, President of NoGJWCA, thanked NCAC for the invitation, adding that the members of the network are appreciative of the positive response to their request.

Baldeh disclosed that the network has been existence since 2009; but it’s rather unfortunate that there were stumbling-blocks that had made it impossible to register it on time.

NoGJWCA President said the members of the network need more capacity-building to be able to write more about culture.

He stressed that NCAC is responsible f cultural affairs of the country and they want to promote all cultures, adding that they want to collaborate with them in reporting about culture.

Speaking on behalf of the director general of NCAC, Matty Jobe, Performing and Fine Arts Officer, thanked the executive members of NoGJWCA for positively responding to their invitation, as well as building the partnership with NCAC.

She explained that it was in their interest to form the partnership with the network, because it has a group that comprises women, which would help them in engaging women to participate in their programmes.