NOGAHT sensitises stakeholders on human trafficking

Friday, March 15, 2019

Network of Girls against Human Trafficking (NOGAHT) and Kanifing municipal Council (KMC) have recently organised a day sensitisation forum for councilors, National Assembly Members, officials of the Ministry of justice, youth and sports, National Youth Council, Alkalolou, representatives of Kafos and religious leaders on human trafficking. It was organised under the theme: Human trafficking: The Gambian story.

Mayor Talib Bensouda said, human trafficking incidence are under reported and applauded victims for their services which he described as bravery. He appealed to participants to keenly follow the presentations for them to be able to transmit the information to others on the potential risks associated with human trafficking.

He said the way trafficked persons are treated in foreign countries break their hearts, some never return home alive while others are forgotten and their whereabouts become unknown.

Mayor Bensouda said Gambia is poor with her youth population rapidly growing and until the country can create enough jobs, authorities have to ensure that the people are safe.   

Cherno Gaye, national coordinator of NOGAHT said the Organisation was formed to address issues that the suffering trafficked girls are usually subjected to, saying each of them have reasons for doing what they did.

He said peoples’ focus is on the irregular migration forgetting that human trafficking is another problem in the country which he said, is affecting many Gambian girls. “This country has not given our young people a single reason to stay and struggle,” he said, noting that secondary education and quality education are issues that should be looked at.

Presenting on Immigration department’s role in combating human trafficking, Ousman Badjie said trafficking is a global crises linked to the current globalization in the sex industries involving women and children.

Mr. Badjie emphasised that the laws are difficult to enforce because victims of trafficking usually hesitate to identify and report traffickers for fear of some bad repercussions. “Human trafficking violates several laws and is not a one-time event. Building a case against traffickers can take a great deal of time, resources and energy.”


Author: Fatou Bojang