No Guts No Glory album slated for March 31

Friday, February 09, 2018

Raising Hip Hop star Alieu Jobe commonly known as Myke Jayda by his music lovers is about to launch his twelve songs album “No Guts No Glory” which is produced by Live Music Records. The album is scheduled to be launched on March 31 at Jama Hall at Kairaba Beach Hotel.

Myke Jayda told the Point Entertainment and Lifestyle that he name the Album as “No Guts No Glory” because he belief in self-confidence and persistence in a simple sense that “winners don’t quit.”

“As I consider myself the best in what I do, I am sure that my album will make a major impact in The Gambian music industry,” he said.

The 28-year-old rapper noted that Gambian music industry is at a lower level compared to other surrounding African countries but said with a more structured body; the industry will soon start a rapid elevation.

He said the album will be one of its kinds with full of great songs and positive massages that can change a negative life forpositive.

He further advice his follow artistes to focus on their work and avoid distractions and to keep believing in themselves.

Author: Isatou Ceesay-Bah