Njogu Bah recalled at commission

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Njogu Bah, former secretary general, was yesterday recalled at the commission that looks into the assets and financial transactions of former President Yahya Jammeh.

He was reminded that he was asked to tell the commission about the close associates of the former President.

He stated that the former President did not tell him his close associates, and that he would not assume that certain people were his associates.

He said he took an oath of secrecy and was still binding, further stating that witnesses to the commission are not protected, and it would have been better if it was in camera.

It was put to him that there were certain people whom he fears, but he noted that ‘this was not the case.’

When asked whether he knew anyone who used to do business with the former President, he replied in the negative.

He further testified that Amadou Samba, some investors from abroad and some Gambians too used to go to the Office of the former President.

He told the Commission from the period 2005 to 2010, he was at State House, but he could not remember when the term executive directive was used.

At this point, a document from the GNPC and the Ministry of Petroleum, indicating a cheque for D10, 000,000 for the rehabilitation of the prison was shown and handed over to him.

Mr Bah posited that there was an instruction from the Office of the former President to receive the cheque, which he did and handed it over to the former President.

He testified that he could not remember what had happened with the cheque.

Buba I. Demba, former protocol, also testified and said he was a civil servant from 2014 to 2016, and that he was a student at the UTG.

He adduced that he was also chief of protocol.

He posited that he went to Equatorial Guinea with the former President and came back on 4 February 2017, and that they were staying in a hotel.

He testified that he went to escort the former President, and his role was to facilitate their journey.

Demba said he also carried out instructions from the former President, but stated that he had never handled his money.

When shown a document indicating the receipt of $750,000, he said it was Momodou Sabally who had sent him to the Central Bank to receive the said money.

He adduced that he received the money and handed it over to Momodou Sabally.

At this point, another document was shown to him indicating some money being received by him, but he said it was a cheque which he received.

Muhammed Batata Juwara was the next witness to testify.

He said he worked as a civil servant at the Office of the former President in 1994, and that he briefly started on 10 July 2013, at the Office of the former President as Deputy Chief of Protocol.

He stated that he often prepared former President’s traveling transactions and he also travelled out of the country with him.

When shown a document to which his ID card was attached, Juwara said he was sent by Momodou Sabally to the Central Bank to receive some money, adding that the governor of the bank had asked him to wait on arrival.

Mr Juwara adduced that he was given $310,000, which he delivered to Momodou Sabally, further noting that when he handed over the money to Momodou Sabally, he was ordered to convert it into CFA France.

He posited that he was able to get some CFA Franc and gave it to the orderly at State House, who asked him to sign a book, which all of them appended their signatures on it.

He adduced that the remaining dollars was given back to Momodou Sabally.

He further testified that his service was terminated, only to be later reinstated, adding that one has to be careful with the former President.

Author: Dawda Faye
Source: Picture: Former Secretary General Njogu Bah