Nigerian envoy: Dictatorship is no longer fashionable

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Nigerian ambassador to The Gambia told journalists that dictatorship all over the world is no longer fashionable in this generation as everybody depends on democratic governance, rule of law, and transparent governance.

“As far as we are concerned and of course in collaboration with The Gambia, I would insist that once the will of the people are expressed through the ballot box, it needs to be upheld, whoever that might affect,” Mr Oluwasegun Ibidapo-Obe said.

Answering questions from reporters after presenting his credentials to President Barrow, he said Nigeria is happy to “stand with The Gambia for you to express yourself through the peaceful means by changing your government”.

“Nigeria has gone through these before, if you know the history of Nigeria, what Gambia has gone through is really not new to us, we have experienced that at some point of our development,” he added.

Going by his words, Nigeria was proud of their support to The Gambia during the democratisation process.

“We are quite glad to stand by The Gambian people to be able to actualise their God-given mandate to choose whoever leads them.”

But what would Nigeria and Gambia owe to other countries undergoing similar oppression by dictators refusing to step down peacefully? To this, the diplomat said Nigeria coming and helping Gambia was not an instance of Nigeria alone. Rather, “it was a regional decision for us to do whatever we do.”

“Of course Gambia is part of the sub-regional group, so we know that whatever it is that we need to do to help any brotherly African country, we will always be there, shoulder to shoulder with The Gambia to extend the same assistance that Gambia has enjoyed, to other African countries,” Mr  Ibidapo-Obe said.

Author: Sanna Camara
Source: Picture: Nigerian ambassador