Niani District youth meet Governor Barry

Monday, February 11, 2019

A delegation of young people from Central River Region’s Niani district, led by their chief Pierre Bah have recently met governor Sulayman Barry to show  their  solidarity to President  Barrow and the Barrow Youth for National Development.

During their meeting, chief Bah told governor Barry that the idea came from the young people of his district, saying since the announcement, they  registered  more than 2, 800 interested people and in two weeks to come, they hope to register up to 10 000 people.

He thanked young people of his district for their good idea to rally behind President Barrow and his NDP.

Advisers Fatou Jola Jabie from Kuntaur Jakaba, Duta Kanteh from Niani Sukuta and Secretary Ensa B Ceesay, Chairperson Isatou Barry all expressed their willingness and support to President Barrow.

They also thanked chief Bah for encouraging them and providing them the access to reach the governor.

Regional coordinator of the Barrow Youth for National Development Saja Sey also highlighted the important role president Barrow and his Administration are doing for the people within the area.

Governor Barry said the Barrow Youth for National Development are bringing many infrastructural development, such as borehole, gardens, skills centers, youth employment, education and health. 

Author: Ousman Jallow, CRR